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Best tips to maintain Intimate Hygiene

  • By Newmi
  • •  Apr 16, 2022

Intimate hygiene means keeping your private parts clean. Maintaining intimate hygiene is of paramount importance for a good vulvar health.

Intimate hygiene should not be slighted or ignored as least of all worries. To avoid infections and illness pertaining to bacterial infection private parts, it is very crucial to know how to maintain intimate hygiene and also to unlock the potential of best intimate hygiene products that are available in market.

In this article:

Intimate Hygiene Overview:

    Intimate hygiene has never been in the forefront. The toxic conditioning and dismal mindset of our society have added fuel to the scalding fire. Due to long-standing stigma attached to it, women have been denied to be vocal about their genitals. They were discouraged to broach this subject even to their spouses, leading a molehill of a vaginal issue to become a lethal mountain.

    Moreover, lack of attention and awareness about the need to maintain a good intimate hygiene has led to various issues like itchiness, rashes and vaginal infections. In order to know intimate hygiene tips and about safe and gentle intimate area hygiene products, you need to first understand about normal and abnormal vaginal discharge.

    Vaginal discharges are common. Your cervix consists of few glands that secrete a natural lubricant. The lubricant is pushed down your vaginal opening. This helps in moistness in vagina which is healthy. But the cause of concern is when the vaginal discharge has a strong foul odour, colour wise it is yellow or green and is causing itchiness in the area.  That is a clear sign of infection and needs doctor’s immediate intervention.

    On a regular basis, you need to maintain a good intimate hygiene to keep your vagina away from any infections. Your vagina can clean by itself but following right intimate hygiene tips will guarantee good vaginal health.

    How to Maintain Intimate Hygiene:

    • Wash your vaginal area regularly – This is a very important step to keep intimate hygiene schedule up and running. Wash your private area with warm water. Do not wash the inside of your vagina but only the outside, which is known as ‘vulva’.

    • Follow front to back rule – After you have passed your motion, make sure that you wipe your private area mindfully. Wiping will attack the germs and bacteria but when left neglected, can cause urinary tract infections. A thorough wipe from front to back will stop the harmful germs from entering from your anal region to your vagina. Your vaginal area is very soft and sensitive and using thick and rough towels to wipe will bruise the skin around it. Instead, use intimate hygiene wipes as they are gentle for your skin. In addition to swiping the germs, they also protect and moisturize your private parts.

    • Always wear comfortable panties - It is advisable to wear cotton panties which will give your private parts enough room to breathe unlike synthetic and tight fabric which completely block the air. Blocking the air in that area will cause the humidity levels to increase. Humid area is conducive for bacteria to grow and thrive. Soft and stretchy breathable intimate wear will provide comfort and is a must have in your maternity lingerie collection.

    • Clean up after sex – In the process of getting intimate, intimate hygiene meaning is lost in oblivion. Even though your eyelids are heavy with sleep after sexual intercourse, make an effort to hit restroom. Maintaining a good hygiene after sex will restrict harmful bacteria to make home in your vagina, thus preventing infections like urinary tract infections.  Not just you, your partner should also practice good intimate hygiene practice to keep his private area clean.

    • Menstruation hygiene matters PERIOD – Though it is a no brainer to wash your vaginal area during your periods, people do not pay much heed to it. Pay extra attention as your vaginal area is experiencing blood flow. Not only changing your pad every 2 hours but washing your intimate area nicely with warm water is essential to keep the infection spreading bacteria at bay.

    • Switch to best intimate hygiene products: Enlisting the help of an intimate hygiene product is must. Do not settle for any random soap but choose a product that will act as a complete package. A supreme intimate hygiene product is effective in controlling bad odour, irritation and itching. Infused with goodness of plant extracts and natural oils, some of the hypoallergenic intimate hygiene wash help in soothing the skin as well as in maintaining the required pH range.


    FAQs related to Intimate Hygiene:

    • Are feminine hygiene products necessary? 

    Feminine hygiene products like deodorants, cleansers and douching are a strict no when it comes to maintaining intimate hygiene. That will only develop unnecessary complications in your vaginal area. Study the label before purchasing any product as a random, non-entity soaps or gels don’t have necessary properties to balance the required pH. Look for fragrance-free, gentle wash or intimate hygiene spray which is capable enough to balance the pH level. If you are using a menstrual cup, use lubricant intimate hygiene gel for effortless insertion.

    • Is intimate wash safe?

      Intimate wash products require lot of research before investing in one. What you need to look for is whether it will balance your vaginal pH level and if it is chemical-free. It is scientifically treated and designed to clean women’s private parts. According to medical fraternity, a safe hygiene wash should consist key ingredients like glycerin, sodium hydroxide, lactic acid, cocamidopropyl betadine and water and should be free from parabens and sulphate. A right intimate wash product is generally safe, however, if you are feeling itchy or irritation, please consult your doctor immediately.

    • How to use intimate hygiene wash?

      Knowing how to use intimate hygiene products is s equally important as knowing how to keep intimate hygiene. First, wash your private area with warm water and pat the area dry. This will wipe out the sweat particles, if any. Then take a small quantity of the intimate area wash. Using gentle motion, foam it up. Rinse with warm water. Again, pat dry the area. Always use soft wipes or towels. Handle your private area with utmost care.


      The intimate hygiene issue is wrapped up in an age-old stigma that refrains women from entering into an open dialogue about their vaginal issues, making them suffer in silence. Narrow ideals and values have damaging impact on their health. We need to band together to demolish the stigma and prioritize women’s intimate health. Do not suffer in a corner but talk to a professional if you face any issue pertaining to your vagina and educate yourself about different intimate hygiene products so that you can choose a safe and gentle product for yourself.

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