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Importance of Postpartum Massage Therapy

  • By Newmi
  • •  Feb 13, 2023

The postpartum period for women starts after childbirth. Since your body has undergone a lot during pregnancy and childbirth, you feel low on energy in the postpartum period. Your physical health and mental health are impacted. Add to that, postpartum depression takes a toll on your overall health causing sudden meltdowns and loss of interest in anything. In these times, body massage begins a process of recovery so that your body and mind can relax and perform better. 

What is postpartum fatigue?

Postpartum fatigue is tiredness faced by women after childbirth. Baby blues after delivery is very common and most women experience anxiety symptoms and postpartum depression (PPD). PPD is characterized by several other problems related to mental health like loss of concentration, lack of appetite and sleep issues. Hormonal changes in your body, added responsibilities of baby care and inadequate rest are some reasons for postpartum fatigue.  Postpartum fatigue and anxiety can be alleviated by taking measures like massage therapy, pelvic exercises and following a confinement period diet or postnatal diet. Prioritizing postnatal nutrition with massage therapy will give the best results that stay with you for your lifetime. 

Why is postpartum massage therapy vital for postpartum women?

Postpartum massage is the full body massage offered to new mothers just after childbirth. Massage therapy releases tension in your back, reduces body pain and helps in postpartum healing. It helps ease you into motherhood by offering both physical and emotional benefits. Massaging your back with the required amount of pressure activates the nerve endings in that area. Delivery massage is generally carried out for 40 days, but you can continue as many days as you wish to avail the maximum benefits. For time immemorial, this tradition of massaging women after delivery is practised and is treated as a significant aspect of our tradition. Japa maids are specialised to carry out massages for postnatal women. They know where to put pressure and where to avoid so you should seek out the help of a trustworthy Japa maid to enjoy the postnatal massage. 

Benefits of Post-Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Better sleep 

Erratic sleep patterns disturb your circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep can manifest into insomnia. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t get a chance to recover and restore. Also, lack of sleep results in mental health issues and you feel disoriented throughout the day without inadequate sleep. Massage therapy solves your sleep-related issues and encourages your body to switch off easily. It unblocks your neural pathways and resets you entirely. 

Joy to Muscles 

Massage therapy can release tension in muscles. Muscle and joint pain can make it difficult to go about the tasks. Stiffness in muscles and joints can be treated using deep massages. 

Headache and Fatigue reliever 

Stress and anxiety can result in unbearable headaches. If you are not able to solve your headache and fatigue issues with sleep, then it is better to get massage therapy. The required amount of pressure in your head works positively with headaches and fatigue. You feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a head massage. 

Less tension in the Spine 

You cannot function if you are suffering from backache. A simple task would take a lot of time to perform. And you cannot lift yourself with severe back pain. A full body massage therapy by identifying pressure points can reduce your back pain issues and can enhance your spinal health.

Anxiety and Stress Buster

Anxiety and stress are part of our lifestyle but when prolonged, they reflect poorly on our physical health. Prolonged stress can increase inflammation and inflammation further brings in many chronic and auto-immune disorders. Massage therapy reduces stress and helps you manage its symptoms with ease. 

How can Newmi postnatal care plans benefit new moms?

Newmi postnatal care plans help you recover faster as the program modules have dedicated sessions on lactation, diet, emotional and mental wellness, post-pregnancy massage therapy, and weight management. Prioritizing your health after pregnancy is vital to be in harmony with yourself which helps you connect more with your baby. Kickstarting your wellness journey is mandatory after childbirth and the Newmi cohort offers a supportive environment to make that possible for you. The massage therapy from Newmi Care helps your aching muscles to relax, increases blood circulation, lowers stress hormones, promotes lymphatic drainage, and allows you to reflect and process the emotional side of birth. Your discomfort vanishes without a trace and you feel relaxed through Newmi care massage therapy. Newmi Care postnatal care plans consist of 12 postnatal massage sessions, which is enough to get you back on your feet after delivery. 


The postnatal period is a very special time when you undergo the transition into motherhood. It lasts for six to eight weeks right after the baby is born. It is very important to avail specialized and best care during this period. Your wellness depends on many factors along with the postpartum diet and nutrition. Your emotions should be in the right place when you are caring for your newborn. Opt for Newmi care postnatal care plans to enjoy holistic personalized care services from certified experts and therapists. However, check with your doctor to know when you can enroll in massage therapy to avoid risks and complications. Always hire a professional massage trainer. Newmi Care takes special care in recruiting massage trainers and keeps your worries related to experts at bay. 

Are you a new mom? Get enrolled in Newmi Care postnatal care plans and enjoy a stress-free postpartum life. 

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