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Know About The Foods That Boost Fertility

  • By Newmi
  • •  Oct 25, 2022

Over the years, we are seeing a sharp drop in men and women being able to conceive naturally. Courtesy - lifestyle choices and the food that we include in our diet. Regardless of gender, men and women face serious fertility issues, indicates studies. While these issues can be resolved with healthcare solutions like tests and treatments, there is one easy and natural thing you can do to give your reproductive health a new breath of air. Eating fertility-friendly foods will reduce your fertility issues and get you closer to a healthy pregnancy. Recently we heard from the medical fraternity that ingestion of conventionally grown fruits and vegetables contaminated with pesticide residues has been linked to poorer sperm quality and decreased fertility rates. So, it is all the more imperative to watch out for the foods that we consume, and consider whether they are safe. Before looking at foods that increase fertility in females and males, let’s look at what fertility is and the different signs to catch infertility by the scruff of the neck. 

What is Fertility?

    Fertility means the ability to have a child via natural means. It speaks a lot about the effectiveness of sperm, sperm count in men, and healthy eggs in women. Fertility in males and females begins post-maturity that is after puberty. Women conceive during their menstrual cycle, also known as the fertile window. 

    What are the reasons for infertility?

      When it comes to infertility, the reasons are plenty. Medical reasons are irregular ovulation days, tubal blockage or inner lining being too weak, erection issues, sperm quality problems in men, etc. Lifestyle changes like erratic sleep problems, unhealthy diet, and lack of physical exercise also come into play, increasing the chances of infertility and making it difficult to conceive.  

      The common reasons for infertility are:

      • Age factor
      • PCOS/PCOD condition in women
      • Pelvic disease
      • Retrograde ejaculation
      • Hormonal imbalances
      • Genetic conditions 
      • Underlying medical issues
      • Unexplained infertility

      Best foods for fertility

      • FruitsGo for vitamin C-rich or antioxidant-rich fruits. Berries, blueberries, and strawberries are all rich in antioxidants, which help in fertility and are considered as fruits that increase fertility in females. A daily dose of rich fruits helps in greater reproductive health in both men and women.

      • Yogurt Fresh Greek yogurts are filled with calcium and probiotics which have anti-inflammatory properties. A protein-rich diet with yogurts, cheese, and milk improves fertility and gives you a better chance of conception.
      • Walnuts – Walnuts have inbuilt omega-3s and omega-6s. Walnuts help in having great brain function, and fetal growth and enhance balance in hormones. It is good for semen health in men and sperm quality.
      • Sunflower seeds – Sunflower is considered to be a super seed for male fertility as it helps increase sperm quality and sperm count. Regarded as natural food that boosts sperm count, it contains Vitamin E, folic acid, and zinc, all these necessary ingredients for sperm health and motility. 
      • Green leafy vegetables – Include dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, etc as they bring a balance to your folate, iron, and calcium levels. Along with preconception food, it is a vital prenatal food recommended by doctors to improve brain and spinal function in babies. You can consider taking greens in your diet by garnishing them in your salad bowls, smoothies, etc. 

      • Lentils and Beans – Legumes and beans are a staple when it comes to fertility and ovulation. They are also known as sperm count-increasing food. To improve ovarian function, sources of food rich high in fiber, protein, and folic acid are to be taken. What is better than lentils and beans that have all of the above?  
      • Beetroots – Beetroots, one of the key fertility-friendly foods, help circulate blood to the uterus, enhance better response to IVF treatments, and improve embryo implantation. 

      Newmi fertility boosters to improve fertility

      Along with the above natural foods, you can include fertility boosters in your diet if you are planning to get pregnant. Fertility boosters are a delicious blend of traditional herbs and are considered safe and the best choice to conceive naturally and eliminate fertility issues. They stimulate reproductive organs, promote ovulation, and result in conception. The antioxidants and micronutrients in them are formulated to regulate your hormone levels and bring in a balance to the same. Use fertility boosters before going for medical intervention. It helps to boost performance by improving erection, delaying ejaculation, and increasing overall stamina in men. In women, fertility boosters assist with fallopian tube blockage and fibroids. Newmi fertility boosters not only offer richness in taste but are 100% natural with no preservatives. 

      FAQs related to fertility

      • Why should you go for a fertility test?

      Sometimes infertility doesn’t indicate any visible symptoms. To know the exact cause, an infertility panel test is conducted. A simple blood test will show you the results for LH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone, TSH, Estradiol, and AMH in your blood. There are a series of tests in fertility like infertility male test, fertility profile test, and specific tests like AMH Anti Mullerian hormone test and follicle-stimulating hormone test, and semen analysis or semen fructose test. Each of them serves a different purpose but all merge towards fertility. Infertility is a condition that needs proper testing and testing will reveal the exact cause. It will help the doctors draft a suitable fertility treatment plan for you that would support your conception goals. 


      Being infertile is not to be considered only a women’s issue. Since time immemorial, we have been fed that women’s reproductive health is the reason behind child conception. Society did not even bother to understand men’s position in the pregnancy affair. With awareness and knowledge, we have come to realize that to conceive, both men’s and women’s reproductive health matters. The soundness of the sperm and eggs will collectively lead to a healthy pregnancy. Given the technological advances and new healthcare solutions, it is possible to rewrite your infertility story and give it fertile land to grow a healthy life inside you. 

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