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Must-have Postpartum Care Essentials for New Moms

  • By Newmi
  • •  Dec 07, 2022

Expectant moms frequently spend a lot of time getting ready for the baby throughout pregnancy. However, they fail to consider their own concerns. No matter how simple or complicated the birth was, you will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable and sore.

It is due to the fourth trimester of pregnancy. Yes, you heard that right, there is the fourth trimester and it is usually referred to as the Postpartum period. This is the period of inexplicable discomfort, sleepless nights and recovery. 

That is why it is necessary to stay prepared and stock all the postpartum essentials beforehand. 

Not sure of what postpartum care essentials you will need? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Find the entire list of items here.

What to Expect During Postpartum Period?

The postpartum period, as mentioned earlier, is a three-month-long period where new mothers heal and recover. However, the recovery is not a smooth cakewalk, there is a lot that a mother might have to go through. 

Here is a list of all the things that you might experience during the postpartum period or after giving birth-

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Swelling 
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Stretch marks
  • Mood swings
  • Contractions
  • Sore nipples
  • Constipation
  • Painful stitches
  • Hair loss

Read more about the reasons behind these experiences and care tips here.

Postpartum Essentials You Will Need

  • Pads

After giving delivery, your uterus will discharge something called lochia. This discharge can last up to six weeks and is made up of a mixture of blood, mucus, and uterine tissue.

The flow can be anything between heavy to moderate and usually varies from one mother to another. 

You won’t be able to use tampons or menstrual cups during this period. Hence, stocking up on pads is best.

  • Pain Relievers

Almost all new mothers experience uncomfortable pain after giving birth. This pain can affect your overall health, speed and ultimately your newborn baby. Hence, it is suggested to take the aid of pain relievers during the postpartum period. 

However, we suggest you consult an OB-GYN before taking any painkillers. 

  • Ice packs

After childbirth, frozen pads come in very handy. They not only lessen pain but also the discomfort brought on by haemorrhoids and vaginal stitches, including swelling, bruising, and pain.

  • Heating pads

Afterpains, soreness around breasts and perineum, abdominal region and legs are quite common among new mothers.

Additionally, women who have previously given birth tend to experience more afterpains. They are more frequent in the initial days of nursing. And these uncomfortable pains can be very irritating, consuming and distracting. 

A heating pad will come in very handy when it comes to alleviating these discomforts. Stock one for your postpartum period without missing.

  • Peri Bottle

The perineum is the area between your anus and genitals. This region suffers the most while giving birth and takes a long time to heal. As a result, you might experience a burning sensation while urinating. You may also find it difficult to clean this region if you have stitches. And that’s when a peri bottle comes to the rescue.

The Peri Bottle is a bottle with an ergonomic shape that has a thin, slanted neck that you can use to gently clean your perineum by squirting water. It is highly practical and can aid in reducing the risk of various infections, and hence help in speeding up the healing process.

  • Postpartum Support Belt

In the first few weeks after giving birth, when your abdominal muscles are at their weakest, you can use a postpartum wrap or band to support your abdominal muscles directly. Pregnancy discomfort in the abdominal region and problems are subsequently alleviated by regular use of these belts.

Additionally, these belts also provide mild compression that facilitates the shrinking back of your uterus. The belly fat after delivery can also be controlled with the help of the post-pregnancy belt.

  • Breast Pads

A nursing pad, also known as a breast pad, is a disposable or cloth pad that nursing mothers wear on their breasts and nipples to absorb any milk leaks in between feedings. It is usually inserted between the bra and breasts.

Please note that whether you nurse or not, you'll need to wear breast pads to prevent milk leaks from getting on your clothes for at least the first few days.

  • Sitz Bath

Your entire pelvic region will be sore if you underwent an episiotomy or tear after birth. And this soreness might lead to a lot of discomfort and pain. Therefore, it is suggested to use methods like sitz baths that help in easing the pain.

A Sitz bath is a small and shallow bath in which you sit to clean the perineum and ease discomfort and irritation.

You can easily fit this bath in your toilet seat or you may also look for baths that can be placed on the floor. Either way, it will be a comfortable, healing and calming experience.  

  • Postpartum Supplements

There are many postnatal or postpartum supplements available on the market and each of them caters to different postpartum issues.

Some of the postpartum period supplements are designed to boost milk production when nursing or to aid new moms in their recovery. Many of them also deal with hormone changes or changes in sleep-wake rhythms that frequently occur when you have a newborn.

So, explore and choose as per your needs but don’t forget to consult your OBGYN.

  • Cozy Pillow

Sitting on a pillow or other cushioned surface will be very beneficial if you have undergone vaginal surgery or experienced a vaginal tear after childbirth. 

A cozy pillow will provide a gentle, cushioned and comfortable seat that new mothers usually need after giving birth. 

  • Lactation Massage Roller

With the help of the Lactation Massage Roller, new mothers can have a better breastfeeding experience and gain more confidence as a mother.

This roller aids moms in improving milk flow, preventing mastitis, clearing clogged ducts, and properly emptying the breast.

Stock one for yourself, and you won’t regret it. 

  • Lactation Boosters

Lactation boosters are supplements and food items that when included in a mother’s diet, boost milk supply considerably. 

These lactation boosters can be in the form of teas, cookies, or supplements. Explore a bit on Newmi’s shop and buy the ones you like. 

Please note that you can also book a consultation for lactation-related issues via Newmi’s platform. 

  • Nursing Tops

You will have to make several changes to your wardrobe after giving birth, at least for a few months. Why? Well, you will be feeding your little one at regular intervals. Hence, it is necessary to stock comfortable nursing tops, dresses and nightwear for a hassle-free nursing experience even when you are outside. 

  • Hair care products

Many new mothers noticeably lose hair a few months after giving birth. This increased shedding is caused by declining oestrogen levels.

Even though this is relatively common among new mothers and is typically over in a few weeks, in other instances it may persist and be extremely upsetting.

Hence, it is best to take precautionary steps and stock up on all hair growth products for your postpartum period.

Summing Up

Do not delay stocking up on postpartum necessities out of disregard for your needs. Don't forget to stock up on everything while you still have time, preferably before giving birth. Failing to do so may prevent you from finding time for yourself because you will be taking care of your child.

Now that you have a list of all the essential postpartum items, start buying on Newmi now!

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