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Yoga Poses for Maintaining Breast Health

  • By Newmi
  • •  Jan 16, 2023

Unfortunately, breast cancer claims the lives of 90,000 people annually, one woman every eight minutes in the nation. One of every two women diagnosed with breast cancer dies. Even more disturbing is the frequency with which younger women are being diagnosed with breast cancer in our country.

Hence it is quite crucial to take steps towards better breast health. And what is a better alternative than yoga?

You will get to know some excellent yoga poses that will help in maintaining breast health along with their benefits. So, buckle down and let’s delve deeper.

How can Yoga Help in Improving Breast Health?

Yoga is a strengthening activity, and by strengthening your core muscles, it can reduce pain, lessen arthritic symptoms, and improve your balance and posture. It's excellent for enhancing lymphatic system circulation as well. All of these advantages work together to promote breast health.

The lymphatic system and chest are flooded with circulation when the heart centre expands during backbends and twists while doing yoga, promoting optimal immunological function.

Apart from improving breast health, yoga can also help you with breast size. While yoga might not be able to increase your breast size, it will certainly help you in losing some inches if you are consistent. However, yoga can help make your breasts firmer and help you eventually get rid of that sag.

Yoga Poses for Better Breast Health

Now that you know how yoga can help in improving your breast health, let’s look at some of the yoga poses that you must try. We have given the step-by-step process that you should follow for practising each pose, have a look-

Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide legged forward fold)

You can follow these steps for this pose-

  1. Put your feet together and hands by your side standing at the end of your yoga mat
  2. Now bring your hands at shoulder level by stretching them out. Thereafter, move your hands back and clasp them together to close your hips. 
  3. Inhale in a way that your torso is stretched, and bend forward while exhaling and maintaining your body balance.
  4. Bring your hand down towards the mat so your hips are towards the ceiling.

Maintain this pose for a few minutes.

Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

This asana increases the lung volume, supports the chest and strengthens the abdominal muscles as well. Hence, it opens your heart centre, improves circulation in your breast area and ultimately improves your breast health. For practicing cobra pose follow the steps below-

  1. Lie down on your chest over the mat.
  2. Resting your body weight on your arms, slowly get up. 
  3. Exhale by lifting your head. Hold the position for 2 to 5 minutes.
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat it a few times.

Dhanurasana (bow pose)

This asana helps in treating backache and maintaining your breast shape. You will get firm breasts once you add this pose to your routine.

For practicing this pose follow these steps 

  1. On the mat, lie down with your stomach and exhale from your lungs.
  2. Now slowly bring your knees close to your head by bending the knees. Balance your body on your stomach.
  3. Breathe out while holding the position for at least 10 seconds.

Vrikshasana (Tree pose)

This yoga pose maintains your posture and firms the loose breast muscles.

You can follow the below steps for the tree pose –

  1. Stand straight on your mat.
  2. Get into the namaskar pose by raising your arms above your head and clasping them together.
  3. Further, lift your right leg and place it over your left leg’s inner thigh. Balance your whole body on your left leg.
  4. Keep this position for 30 seconds and keep breathing gently.
  5. Repeat with the other leg as well. 

Uttarasana (Camel pose)

Through camel pose your thighs, abdomen and inguinal region are stretched. Moreover, it helps in increasing the lung's volume; thus, strengthening the thorax as well.

Follow the given steps for practising this pose during your everyday yoga session- 

  1. Standing on your knees over the mat, pull your feet together.
  2. Now, gradually lean back while keeping your hands on your heels. This pose should be such, that you stretch your ribs while making an arch with your back.
  3. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Chakravakasana (Cat cow pose)

This yoga posture improves flexibility and reduces hip pain. It also strengthens the lower back by increasing the spinal fluid circulation all while improving your breast health.

Follow the below steps for practising this yoga pose–

  1. On the mat, align your wrists underneath your shoulder and your knees under your hips. 
  2. Place your shins and hip- wide apart. Gaze down on your mat.
  3. While inhaling drop your belly towards the mat and look up at the ceiling. Draw your shoulder blades away from your ears and broaden them. This is the cow pose.
  4. While exhaling, round your back towards the ceiling by drawing your belly to the spine. This is a cat pose and looks like a cat stretching its back. 
  5. Repeat this 5-10 times.

Pranayama (belly breathing) 

Pranayama includes multiple deep breathing exercises and it can vary. Here for improving your breast health diaphragmatic pranayama is suggested. This helps the lungs to work better and helps us to calm down. Moreover, it increases the oxygen supply to your brain resulting in a relaxed body.

You can follow these steps for practising pranayama – 

  1. Over the mat, lie down on your back. For support, you can use a pillow under your head and knees as well. 
  2. Thereafter, keep your hands on your belly and breathe slowly feeling your belly expanding. Breathe deep so that your lungs get fully inflated. 
  3. Inhale and count for how long you can breathe deeply. Hold for a while. But remember never strain yourself. Do this till you feel comfortable 
  4. Repeat this 4 to 5 times a day.

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