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Buy CAIM BY ARELANG Products Online

Buy CAIM BY ARELANG Products Online

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About Caim

  • A Gaelic word, Caim,(pronounced: KY-em) means to form a magical circle around someone so as to create “protection” or a “sanctuary”.
  • No matter which part of the world that you belong to, all of us at some point or the other have had a “Caim” put around us.
  • Whether it’s your mother using lemon and chillies to remove “buri nazar” from around you.
  • An evil eye talisman to ward off malevolent spirits and welcome good health and wellbeing.
  • With Caim by årelang™, we bring you this magical circle of protection in its truest form.
  • We are putting a halo around your entire body, to shield you from all the wickedness that the modern lifestyle brings your way.
  • A range of exquisite, sugar-conscious supplements, in the form of delectable confectionery.
  • Made with thoughtfully-sourced, potent plant-based extracts, Caim’s products are designed to fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life.
  • Our products aim to rejuvenate and reawaken good health, so you can function as the best version of you.

About Arelang

  • årelang Naturals® is a company that brings you nutritional solutions rooted in age-old medicinal remedies, perfected with a scientific and modern spin.
  • A Norwegian word, ‘årelang’ stands for something that is eternal, that has withstood the test of time and emerged unscathed.
  • Our focus is to educate and inspire you to care about what's on the inside and work towards a body that can withstand the fury of our current lifestyles.
  • Health and wellness don’t have to be overly complicated, and therefore we’re here to simplify it for you!
  • From sourcing the best quality of natural plant-based extracts to clinically testing and packaging, we address specific nutritional deficiencies and bodily requirements.
  • Your body is an intricate work of art, it responds to everything you greet it with.
  • So, we ensure that our products and your body are free of chemicals and artificial additives.
  • Our products are designed to give you ingredients in quantities that it can recognize, synthesise, absorb and optimally utilise to make it function the way it has always been designed to, allowing it the chance to protect you like it should.
  • Every årelang® product range and ingredient is non-GMO and third-party lab tested for quality, purity and potency to ensure that we give you the best and encourage you to want the best.
  • Let's get on this journey to an eternally healthy life, a journey that is easy to persevere over time, by elevating our mood, boosting energy levels, concentration and of course overall immunity.
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