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Condom Wars: Male Condom or Female Condom Which One to Choose?

Step into the exciting world of safe intimacy with a condom. Both female and male condoms shield couples from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But which one is your suitable option? Confused?

Before engaging in a thrilling adventure with your partner, dive into the below section to discover more about

  • Why are condoms used,
  • Male Condom – A Timeless Choice for Couples,
  • Male condom advantages and disadvantages,
  • Female Condom – An Unpopular but Effective Option,
  • Female condom advantages & side effects,
  • Male Vs Female Condoms: Which One Is More Effective.

Why Are Condoms Used? 

Condoms offer protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy. It’s a barrier method of birth control.   

Male Condom – A Timeless Choice for Couples.

Made of latex or polyurethane, male condoms perfectly fit over an erect penis and have been proven an effective option for responsible intimacy. It’s a classic method for complete protection against STIs, like HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. People who want to have sexual intercourse with multiple partners find it pretty useful.

Male Condom Advantages – Unveiling Its Power

One of the major benefits of condom use is STI protection. Male condoms that have been around for years have special reasons behind their popularity:

Wide Availability

From pharmacies and health centers to supermarkets and drugstores, they are readily available everywhere.

Easy to Use

Compared to other methods, male condoms are easy to use. It involves an easy process to put it on. Apply it on the erect penis and ensure there is no air trapped inside. To avoid pregnancy risk, the male partner should withdraw from the female partner before ejaculation.

STI Protection

Male condoms ensure no direct contact between the penis and female genitalia during intimacy. They prevent sexually transmitted infections. Using these condoms is thus one of the safe sex practices. But, in case unprotected sex happens, it’s a must to go for a pregnancy test and STI test through an STI test product.

Ensure Sexual Pleasure

It’s a myth that a condom can be a barrier to pleasure. Rather, male condoms can make sex better and it’s the biggest condom use benefit. They allow couples to enjoy their moments in the best possible ways by ensuring no pregnancy risk and no STI risk. Users are likely to remain stress-free knowing that they are having safe and responsible intercourse. 

Suitable for Unplanned Intimacy

Spontaneous couples who love unplanned sexual intercourse would love to use male condoms. There is no need to prepare yourself in advance and it’s undoubtedly one of the best condom advantages. One of the best methods of contraception.

No side effects are there unless the male partner is allergic to latex rubber, plastic, or spermicides. Users with allergy problems need to look for other materials, such as - lambskin.

Possible Disadvantages of Male Condoms

Yes, these too come with some cons:

  •   Putting on condoms during intimate foreplay can cause interruption
  •   A few men claim less pleasurable intimacy with condoms
  •   Need to be cautious about semen leaking
  •   It brings more responsibility for a male partner

Before using male condoms, look for any damage, like tears. It may take some practice for proper insertion.

Female Condom – An Unpopular but Effective Option

Female condoms are called femidom and FC2. Although they are not as common as male condoms, they are an effective and flexible birth control method. Made of polyurethane or nitrile, a female condom contraceptive is a long pouch designed for safe vaginal and anal sex. Like the other one, this one also helps in reducing the chances of STDs and pregnancy. It creates a barrier between the penis and vagina and collects semen.

Here are some female condom advantages and disadvantages, and female condom facts, couples should not miss to ensure safe intimacy.

Advantages of Female Condom – From Protection to Sexual Pleasure

Female condoms can be an excellent choice when it comes to birth control and sexually transmitted infection prevention. 

Let’s check out the best female condom benefits:

  •   Users can buy it from a pharmacy without a prescription
  •   It’s usable during pregnancy, menstruation, and after childbirth
  •   Female condom effectiveness is great since it prevents unwanted pregnancy and STIs
  •   Its soft material, nitrile, hardly causes allergies and skin irritation
  •   It’s great for intimate foreplay since it doesn’t spoil the moment. It’s designed to be worn 8 hours before intercourse.
  •   It lasts longer than male condoms

Female Condom Disadvantages

  •   It’s more expensive than a male condom
  •   It’s not available everywhere
  •   It comes in only one size

Now that you know about male and female condom advantages and disadvantages, let's dig deeper to find the suitable option for you.

Male Vs Female Condoms: Which One Is More Effective

Both male and female condoms are effective in STI prevention and unintended pregnancies when used consistently and correctly. However, it’s up to the users’ preferences what they want to choose after researching female and male condom advantages and disadvantages. Spontaneous couples who love to explore foreplay intimacy, find the female condom more useful. On the other hand, couples who are looking for a less expensive option may choose a male condom.

A Few More Questions Related to Condom

1. What are the Side Effects of Using a Condom?

There are nearly zero side effects of using this birth control device. However, some couples often complain about latex allergy, slipping out risk, and reduced sensitivity.

2. Do Condoms Reduce Feelings for Men?

Latex condoms sometimes reduce a man’s libido.

3. What is the Difference Between Male and Female Condoms?

Men’s condoms are smaller than female condoms. The first one is known as an external condom while the second one is called an internal condom. Both are equally effective for protected sex.

4. How do Women's Condoms Work?

Internal condoms prevent STIs and pregnancy by resisting sperm fertilizing an egg. It’s a barrier inside the vagina against semen.

The benefits of condoms are great when used properly. Make sure you read the package instructions for the best result.

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