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Exploring the Connection Between Sexual Health and Consent

Getting consent from your partner is essential when you are having sexual activity with them. Obtaining clear and enthusiastic consent ensures both partners feel safe and respected during sexual intercourse. It also makes the entire experience enjoyable.  

What Is Consent?

Consent is a voluntary and clear agreement between couples who engage in sexual activity. It’s an ongoing process (not a one-time conversation) that ensures intimacy, trust, respect, and mutual pleasure. Couples should respect each other’s boundaries throughout sexual encounters. If anyone changes his or her mind in the middle of a sexual act and doesn’t want to continue, he or she should not be forced.

Obtaining consent is not just about asking for permission, but creating a comfortable atmosphere. It’s necessary for couples to understand the consent importance to maintaining good sexual health and safety. But remember, consent cannot be sought when someone is drunk or under the influence of drugs. Any sexual engagement in these situations is unethical and illegal.

Why Should Couples Care About Consent?

Consent is a crucial aspect of any healthy and intimate relationship. Couples should actively practice consent for the following reasons:

Respect and Boundaries-

Each partner has his own boundaries and comfort levels. Respecting these boundaries is a gesture that you care about your partner.

Clear Communication-

Practicing consent involves talking about needs, desires, and boundaries. It increases comfort levels and strengthens physical and emotional connections.

Trust and Safety-

It fosters an atmosphere of trust and safety. Thus, it ensures emotional and physical well-being. 

Mutual Enjoyment-

Consent ensures mutual engagement. It means that both partners are genuinely interested and on the same page. This may lead to more enjoyable and satisfying experiences for both partners.

The importance of consent is not only for couples but also for children and adults. Let’s understand why.

Why Is Sex Consent Education Essential for Adults?

Teaching kids, teens, and adults sex consent education is important for promoting healthy sexual relationships. With sex consent education, young people and adults learn how to respect and maintain boundaries and manage rejections.  It reduces the risks of gender-based violence, sexual assault, rape, unwanted pregnancies etc.

Are Sexual Health and Consent Connected?

Consent is a vital aspect of ensuring safe, respectful, and healthy sex. Here are some key points about how sexual health and consent are related:

1. No STI

Non-consensual sexual activity may lead to unprotected sex. This increases the risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), like HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Consent and using condoms help couples protect themselves against such potential health risks. Choosing an STI test is equally important to stay on the safe side.

2. No Unwanted Pregnancy

Activities like rape, sexual assault, etc. often lead to unwanted pregnancy. These non-consensual sexual activities involve engaging in physical intimacy without protection. Consent offers safety and protection to couples. With proper planning and consultation with gynaecologists, couples can not only maintain good health but also have a healthy pregnancy.

3. No Trauma

Engaging in physical intimacy without consent often causes distress, trauma, and poor mental health. Visit a mental health therapist and start practicing consent to ensure emotional well-being.

Dealing with sexual harassment, rape, trauma, etc. can be painful. To prevent such incidents, ensure the proper consent of your partner or educate kids and teens about sex consent. Let’s prioritize consent and practice it to maintain good sexual health. If it’s necessary, attend psychological counselling sessions online. Experienced mental health therapists at Newmi Care will be able to guide young couples in a systematic and effective way.  

FAQ’s on Consent and Sexual Health

How to Teach Your Kids Consent

Make sure your kids understand consent importance to maintain a healthy relationship. Here are some tips on how to teach them:

  • Start teaching sex consent education early
  • Explain it in an age-appropriate language
  • Use the role-playing method
  • Go for storytelling
  • Teach them body autonomy
  • Be open and keep discussing it

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