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Empowering Women in Corporate: Challenges & Employer Initiatives

Women are just as ambitious, just as deserving, and just as capable as men, yet the number of women in leadership positions and in general in all companies is very less. There are various reasons behind this rather disappointing condition, but health & wellness issues stand on the frontline.

That is why it is extremely crucial for corporates to spread women health awareness and support women through women empowerment programs at work.

How and why? Well, sit tight because we are going to cover just that in our blog.

Let’s discover what issues and challenges women face and what you can do about them as an employer in brief detail. 

Table of Contents

  • Challenges for Women in Business
  • Benefits Every Company Should Offer Their Women Employees
  • How Do Women's Wellness Programs Benefit Corporates?
  • Summing Up

Challenges for Women in Business

Female workplace issues are not just limited to their health. There are several other problems that act as a hurdle and consequently result in poor female employee retention in companies. Moreover, these challenges can hinder their professional growth and well-being.

challenges of women in corporate

    We have listed down all the challenges, all issues that women employees face for your better understanding. Have a look-

    • Gender discrimination

    About 42 percent of women in corporates say that they have experienced gender discrimination in the workplace in one way or the other.

    It is due to societal standards and expectations, women frequently experience gender bias, stereotyping, and unfair treatment in workplaces. Moreover, they could encounter obstacles in the form of equitable compensation, leadership possibilities, and career advancement.

    • Perception of junior status

    Even though women have identical qualifications and experience as their male colleagues, they are sometimes believed to be less senior or less experienced in their positions. This perception may restrict their chances for advancement and recognition, impeding the advancement of women in the workplace.

    challenges faced by working women in office

    • Poor Mental Health and Anxiety

    Women at work often face mental health challenges and anxiety due to various factors. They are often juggling multiple responsibilities, balancing work and home duties, which can be Overwhelming. Gender discrimination in the office further adds to their stress, as they may face biases, unequal treatment, or limited growth opportunities.

    Additionally, women dealing with conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and related health issues may experience heightened anxiety.

    Hence, there is a crucial need for spreading awareness in your company via seminars around these topics, while also providing access to counselling sessions and therapy.

    Newmi Care offers a corporate care program designed after taking into consideration the needs of corporate women. It takes care of everything from their mental health and well-being to their reproductive health and related issues.
    • Pregnancy Challenges

    Pregnant women often face significant challenges in the workplace. One common issue is the lack of accommodations for their changing needs. Many offices are not equipped with suitable workstations or facilities to support pregnant women's comfort and safety.

    Inadequate ergonomics, such as uncomfortable chairs or workstations, can exacerbate physical discomfort and pose health concerns.

    Tight work schedules may prevent pregnant employees from taking necessary breaks or visiting doctors regularly, leading to increased stress and potential health risks.

    Hence, it is crucial for employers to address these challenges. One way can be by offering pregnancy care plans to pregnant employees and being empathetic in general.

    • Postpartum - Quitting

    Most of the women leave their job after delivering a baby. The reasons can be personal at times but majorly it is because they don’t get enough flexibility and comfort at work.

    And losing almost every female employee after pregnancy means losing a polished talent way too early. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

    So, to reduce the number of postpartum quits, you must ensure that your company covers the health requirements of a new working mom while also making your office a comfortable space for her.

    You may also schedule in-office massage sessions with the help of Newmi Care and take the weight off their shoulders occasionally.

    benefits of having female employee

    • Other Health Issues

    Women's health concerns, such as pregnancy, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), infertility, and menstruation-related ailments, can have a significant impact on their working lives. These issues may lead to physical discomfort, time off work, or the need for additional support.

    Moreover, menstruating women face various challenges in the corporate setting. They may experience physical discomfort, pain, and fatigue associated with menstruation, affecting their productivity and well-being.

    And, the lack of adequate menstrual hygiene facilities, such as clean and private restrooms, access to sanitary products, and flexible break times, can create inconvenience and embarrassment.

    Benefits Every Company Should Offer Their Women Employees

    Employers need to acknowledge the fact that women's bodies are different and require extra care. And also, the fact that a woman in the workplace still needs to be represented. So, there is a need to take some additional measures and steps to bring equality to their workplace in the true sense.

    It is a long way to go but here are certain benefits that every employer must offer their women employees:

    • To support women in the workforce during and after pregnancy, offer paid maternity leave.
    • Provide family planning tools and assistance, such as access to contraception, fertility treatments, and gynaecologist counselling.
    • Pay for preventative screenings and screenings for women's reproductive health, including Pap tests, mammograms, and HPV shots.
    • Access to mental health counselling, support groups, and other mental health services should be made available to deal with stress, anxiety, and other problems, especially those connected to disorders like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
    • Allow flexibility in work hours to accommodate women's reproductive health needs, such as doctor's appointments, fertility treatments, or managing symptoms of conditions like PCOS.
    • Conduct informative seminars at your office with the help of experts like Newmi Care to spread women's health awareness across different issues like breast cancer.
    • Create private areas or designated lactation rooms where women may pump their breast milk or breastfeed. Assemble the proper tools and facilities for expressing and storing breast milk.
    • Make sure that sanitary supplies are simple to access, and install pad dispensers in restrooms.
    • Offer equal parental leave to men and women to advance gender equality and enable fathers to actively participate in childcare duties.
    • Implement activities such as mentoring programs, networking opportunities, and training programs to encourage the promotion and leadership development of women inside the organization.
    • Eliminate gender bias and make sure that women have equal access to professional advancement and decision-making positions inside the organization. Also, provide wage parity and equitable opportunity for promotions.

    Read more aboutHow to support women health at the workplace as an employee?

    Please note that you can cover most of the offerings via an employee wellness program specially curated for working women. Newmi Care offers such a program (Women at Work) that is also customizable as per your budget. And the best thing about this program is that it is journey based and hence is able to address each woman’s unique needs individually.

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    How Newmi Care Corporate Plan supports women's health?

    How Do Women Wellness Programs Benefit Corporates?

    Wondering how will including an employee wellness program curated especially for women will help you? Let’s see how-

    • It will guarantee increased productivity at work because female employees' health issues will be appropriately attended to, allowing them to focus.
    • Prioritizing women's health and offering tailored wellness programs can contribute to a positive reputation for the company.
    • By promoting preventive care, early detection of health issues, and providing support for managing chronic conditions, employers can reduce healthcare costs associated with more severe or unaddressed health concerns.
    • Implementing wellness programs for women creates a positive company culture that values diversity, inclusivity, and employee well-being.
    • Companies that offer comprehensive wellness programs for women can attract top talent as talented women are more likely to choose employers who prioritize their health and provide resources tailored to their needs.
    • It demonstrates a commitment to employees' well-being, which can contribute to higher job satisfaction.
    • When employees feel supported in managing their health needs, they are more likely to stay with the company, thus reducing turnover and associated recruitment costs.
    • Employers can contribute to a decrease in female employee absenteeism by addressing the special health needs of women via an employee wellness or women empowerment program.

    Summing Up

    Women are very dedicated towards work and they want to give their best. However, health issues and other challenges make it quite difficult for them to show their true potential.

    That is why there is a need for women empowerment in the workplace or you can say a women's wellness program is one of the best ways to go about it by addressing their unique needs while respecting them for their intellect and ideas. 

    Now that you know the benefits, importance and other necessary information, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today, know more about of corporate wellness program for women and support the working women of your company the right way!

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