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Buy PREGYANAM Products Online

Buy PREGYANAM Products Online


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                                 About Us

  • Pregyanam is inspired from word 'प्रज्ञान' which means 'किसी विषय या वस्तु का विशेष रूप से प्राप्त ज्ञान' i.e. specialised wisdom about a topic.
  • Pregyanam is a supplementary system of care and support for a family expecting to grow.
  • The idea of Pregyanam was brought to life by families and couples who have been benefited immensely by traditional wisdom, while they were pregnant.
  • At Pregyanam, we embrace knowledge and Indian methods that are verifiable and can be practised in an urban contemporary family.
  • We consider all the avenues of support that can be extended to a family which is going through pregnancy and we prioritise what the expecting mother and the baby needs above all else.
  • In a lifestyle where choice tends to confuse rather than empower, it’s hard to do what is right.
  • We therefore exclusively work with one couple at a time, to ensure that we, together with them choose the right path and have a pregnancy that is remembered for all the good reasons.

Our mission is to improve society by focusing on the health of its youngest members and enhance the respect accorded to an expectant mother.The pregnant couple is offered multiple resources to make informed choices towards healthy and natural birthing.We aim to empower them with confidence that is derived through right knowledge.

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Hospital Readiness Program
Hospital Readiness Program
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