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Frequently asked questions

The average menstrual cycle for women is 28 days. The correct days of periods start after 28 days from your last period date. The length of the period differs from person to person. However, your period cycle can be longer and shorter than 28 days, that is from 23 to 35 days. To predict your next period date, enter your last period date details in Newmi period tracker.
Hormone is the wire puller of your periods and ovulation. Your hormones play a big role in determining your period cycle. You undergo a lot of hormonal changes every month and that fluctuates your period dates. To regulate your period hormones, follow the super personalised period care plans from Newmi.
Use Newmi’s FREE Menstruation Tracker Online to calculate your next periods. To use this free period calculator, enter your last period date and the average menstrual cycle. You can get accurate results of your next period date.
Ovulation is a time when your ovaries release an egg. Your fertile window or ovulation period starts 12 to 14 days before your next period date. Your chances of getting pregnant are guaranteed during your ovulation days.
The chances of getting pregnant right after your periods are bleak. However, it is not impossible. Especially if the length of your menstrual cycle is short, your fertile days will start early and this improves the chances of you getting pregnant.
Yes, it is completely normal to have period days as short as 2 days. A regular menstrual cycle runs from 2 till 7 days.
You can minimize your menstrual cramps by following a lifestyle regime filled with a healthy diet, regular exercise and managing your weight. Join Newmi period care plans that take care of your period care needs like alleviating menstrual symptoms, period pain and premenstrual stress.
To prepare better for your period associated symptoms, to follow a healthy diet that will help lower the intensity of your premenstrual symptoms, to be more aware of your bodily changes and plan for your holiday travels or planning pregnancy.
If you have a 28 day cycle, you can note your last period date and predict your next period date. What if you are having irregular periods? Newmi care’s menstrual cycle calculator for irregular periods solves the problem by predicting accurate period date and ovulation date.
Period tracker gives you best results of your next expected period date. To increase the chances of pregnancy, it helps you plan sexual intercourse on your most fertile days by exhibiting your ovulation period.
The early signs of periods or your menstruation are mood swings, stomach or back ache (period pain), and increased stress and anxiety. You might also feel bloating and loss of interest due to fluctuating hormonal levels. Manage your period symptoms with Newmi period care plans.

Why do you need a calculator for menstrual cycle?

A period calculator or a menstrual tracker tracks your menstrual cycle...

A period calculator or a menstrual tracker tracks your menstrual cycle as well as help you with ovulation period. With the knowledge of your previous periods, it estimates the future expected date of your period. If you are planning for a trip, it is best to calculate your periods using an authentic next period date calculator and have a period-free vacation.

What is the importance of period calculator for pregnancy?

A period calculator for pregnancy period calculator for pregnancy helps in calculating your estimated due date on the basis of your last menstrual cycle. Also called as ovulation period calculator , it serves as a ready reckoner to know your most fertile days. Your most fertile days increases the chances of you getting pregnant.

How does Newmi period tracker work? How does Newmi's menstrual tracker help in calculating menstrual cycle and ovulation?

Newmi period calculator understands your period journey and gives out accurate predictions of your next period date. Not only that, you can even predict your ovulation period (the most fertile days) using the Newmi period calculator online. Keeping into consideration these following parameters - your last period date, the total days your periods lasted, and average cycle length or average number of days of your menstrual cycle, it gives out best certain results of your future menstrual date and active ovulation date. Get your period and ovulation predictions done free of cost with Newmi’s ovulation to period calculator.

Benefits of Newmi period calculator

  • Provides you with knowledge of your next period date

  • Predicts your fertile window with ovulation period calculator

  • Helps you plan your pregnancy better with pregnancy calculator

  • Prepares you mentally to watch out for the premenstrual symptoms

  • One-of-a-kind period tracker for irregular periods

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