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Normal Delivery: Types of Normal Delivery, Normal Delivery Stages, First Labor Signs, Delivery Time & Risks

Giving birth to a child is a lifetime moment for a woman. The feeling of becoming a mother is purely beyond words. Every delivery or child birth is unique and different just like the mother and the baby. The experiences for mothers may vary with each new labor and delivery.

A vaginal delivery is also commonly known as normal delivery in India. However, every child birth without any complications should be termed as normal delivery. Normal delivery or vaginal delivery is a natural way of bringing a new life into this world. It is not difficult to bring a child through normal delivery unless you have some medical complications. The benefit of normal vaginal delivery is that the baby is delivered through the birth canal without any surgery. The recovery is fast and you may not require long stay in hospital. Also, the bacterium swallowed by the baby during vaginal delivery keeps their immune system strong.

Natural birth involves a series of stages. Let us read for better understanding.

There are three major stages of a normal delivery or vaginal delivery:

1. The labor

As the name suggests it is laborsome and tiresome. The labor is the phase when the mother’s amniotic sac (commonly known as water-bag) rupture before the baby is born. This is the layer of cushioning fluid surrounding the baby. This is followed by contraction where the uterus muscles contracts and relaxes to create a flow to push the baby out.

2. Pushing and delivering the baby

This is the process of cervix dilation. The cervix opens into vagina and it then expands up to 10cm to assist the delivery. The widest part of the baby’s head has moved into the birth canal and now it’s time for the mother to push the baby through the birth canal. The doctors make an incision at this time to widen the vaginal opening to help baby’s exit easier. The mother must continue to push till the baby finally arrives into the world.

3. Delivering the placenta.

The third and final stage of normal delivery is the delivery of placenta or afterbirth. This stage normally happens about fifteen to thirty minutes after the baby is born. There are several ways of going about the third stage. Either the doctors can stand back and allow the placenta to be birthed naturally or they help speed up the process. In order to speed the afterbirth, the mother must breastfeed the child or the uterus needs to be massaged. For best results, both of these should be done in concord with each other. To avoid the postpartum blood loss, doctors prefer to speed up the delivery of the placenta.

Sometimes, giving birth to a child naturally needs doctor assistance as well. When the mother got tired or baby’s head is not moving down the birth canal, the doctor may go for assisted vaginal delivery.

What is Covered in Normal Delivery Package?

Normal Delivery Rates vary by hospitals as it would depend on various factors like the facilities provided by the hospitals, doctor charges, OT charges, anesthetic charges. At Parentlane, the Normal Delivery rates also include many benefits to ensure better care and convenience for members. So go ahead and book now!

Inclusions from the Package

  • All Surgery Expenses
  • Doctor's fee
  • OT Charges
  • Anesthetic Charges
  • Drugs Used During Surgery
  • Investigations during Surgery
  • Professional Charges
  • Room Rent for Standard Stay
  • Nursing & administrative charges

Exclusions from the Package

  • Clinic Consultation Fees
  • Lab Tests or Scans
  • Any Additional Procedures
  • Non-Medical Expenses & Consumables
  • Mother & Baby Pharmacy Expenses
  • Additional Stay other than standard length
  • Professional fee for Specialist if Involved
  • ICU/NICU Stay if Utilised
  • Any Pre & Post operative Investigations

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You get the best normal delivery rates from Parentlane as you can easily compare rates from popular hospitals providing normal delivery facilities and book easily. The Parentlane care team also provides you with a dedicated care team to support you before and after the normal delivery apart from supporting you with admission, finance and insurance as well.

Compare Prices and Get Best Deals on Your Normal Delivery package

Compare Prices and Get Best Deals on Your Normal Delivery package

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