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Why avail lab tests online?

With rising diseases and chronic conditions becoming common and hovering around to ensnare us within their hold, it is better to get the test done and get ourselves aware of our health parameters.

Tests will clarify your body profile and statistics, which become preliminary information for the healthcare provider to know the deficiency and condition you are suffering from. Further, they will help in diagnosis and remedies to deal with the same. 

Commuting to hospitals and waiting in a beeline to run a barrage of tests have demotivated many to avail of proper health care services. Lab tests online or clinical laboratory tests have been a boon in this respect to availing lab tests at home and enjoys a hassle-free approach to healthcare.

Lab test online play a vital role in your health by proactively detecting the illness and risks associated with it and guiding you toward appropriate channels of support.

Lab tests packages offered by Newmi Care

Lab tests listed at Newmi Care are comprehensive health packages and are divided into three layers. Furthermore, the three service layers are categorised into pathology, radiology , and stem cell banking .

In Pathology , you will find vital services in terms of medical tests for pregnancy, online lab health checkups for covid, lab tests for women’s health, fertility tests, DNA tests, etc.

Likewise in the Radiology category , you will be introduced to lab offerings for pregnant mothers to determine their baby’s health through ultrasound and doppler test , cardiology test , general health tests, pap smears and all types of MRI and CT scans .

The third and final category of lab test online services includes stem cell storage and preservation plan.

As a bonus, Newmi Care offers consultation services on many domains like hair and skin, natural fertility and homeopathy. You can set up a consultation and communicate with highly qualified medical professionals through audio and video facilities.

Benefits of Lab tests online

Prescription-based support: You can upload your prescription and support executive or concierge will assist you in directing you to the right channel. The executive is a professional who is qualified enough to read and comprehend prescription and will certainly guide you towards trustworthy and certified labs to undertake required tests and scans.

Preliminary information-based support: You can provide basic preliminary data about yourself and a support executive will be right there to follow up and explain you the process of lab test booking . You can ask queries like lab test near me or nearest lab test centre, diagnostic procedures, health packages etc to the executive and avail informed answers for the same.

Home sample pickup: This is the best option as you don’t have to travel outside the confines of your home the executive in charge will contact you and be present according to your suitable time slot. The safe sample collection will be done from the comfort of your home.

Ensured safety and hygiene measures: Now this is one of the most asked questions on whether lab test online follow safety and hygiene protocol and safe sample collection process. Online Lab Test service offered by Newmi not only assures you with accurate and reliable reports but the technique and process are structured with no compromise on safety and hygiene.

Need for lab tests:Lab tests can help plan for speedy treatment with preventative measures, identify diseases and medical conditions in their early stages, and offer patients prompt assistance and care. You can get routine checkup, full health check up, body profile tests and other medical checkups from an all-encompassing diagnostic lab like Newmi Care Lab.

Lab testing service of Newmi care With Newmi care being India’s leading women’s healthcare platform, you can opt for the best full body check up at the comfort of your home. Additionally, it provides complete women's health packages and accredited labs' male and female fertility tests .

Lab testing in Newmi Care is branched into Pathology , radiology and stem cell banking and self-testing . Complete body checkup, prenatal routine health check up, genetic and DNA testing, cancer, fertility, women’s full body profile testing, covid and baby-related screenings like embryo tests etc are handled by pathology. Radiology takes care of cardiology, nuclear medicine tests, ultrasound/doppler tests, MRI & CT, and other general medical scans. Your child's stem cells can be saved using a stem cell/cord banking facility. You can choose how many years to store the stem cells with Newmi. Finally, you can conduct your own tests by buying healthcare kits such as a urinary tract infection kit, a digital spirometer, a pregnancy test kit like PregEva Kit, and other vital parameter testing kits.

Newmi Care’s online health checkup service – How to go about it?

The process of booking medical checkups from Newmi Care is fairly simple. You get a full body checkup test list from Newmi care. You simply need to search for the tests relevant to you and schedule them for the most convenient time.

Newmi care-associated Accutests has a list of certified online test labs through which you can select the lab of your choice. Once you have selected a full body check up at home and provided the necessary medical checkup details, the executive will come and collect the sample in the comfort of your home. Not only that, a care buddy will be assigned to you who will be at your service throughout your lab testing journey.

Newmi care - Your go-to portal for lab testing

Complete body checkup gets easy if you go via Newmi. The significant advantages of registering lab testing from Newmi Care are - :

  • Whole body checkup under one roof

  • Prescription-based booking for all health check-ups

  • Assured call back by executive

  • Safe and sanitised home sample pickup after your health check-up online sign in

  • Cost-effective tests with an accurate diagnosis by accredited labs

  • Easy access to lab reports online

  • Specialised health checkup packages for women

  • Provision of assistance to navigate the lab testing booking path