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Baby care essentials

  • By Newmi
  • •  Nov 21, 2022

Stocking up on baby and parent essentials is an important part of your baby care routine. Once you have delivered your baby, you are expected to put all your energies into relaxing, healing, and spending time with your baby. Feeding times and sleep patterns of your baby often interfere with your routine, making it hard for you to spend on any other activity. And if you find some time in your schedule, all you want is to catch up on your sleep deficit. Point is, it gets tricky enough to go out and buy the baby care or post-birth essentials after childbirth so the best idea should be to invest in them in your third trimester. Look over a plethora of options in the brick-and-mortar shops or online marketplace but buy the hospital bag essentials from an authentic platform that promises good price deals without compromising on quality. To help you wade through the options, Newmi has nicely put in a list of postpartum essentials for moms and babies.

In this article:

  • What are Baby care essentials?
  • Newmi list of Baby care essentials

What are baby care essentials?

    Baby care essentials are those items that babies require on an ongoing basis. They are staples for babies to get them adjusted to the routine. Baby care essentials are categorized into different sections. The key basics of baby care essentials are:

    • Baby clothes 

     comfortable jhablas, rompers or onesies, soft muslin bottoms, fine frocks, socks, and hand mittens to protect from finger sucking, etc

    • Baby bedding 

    crib, cradle, mattress for a crib, bed sheets, bassinet, etc

    • Baby feeding 

     For formula feeding, a doctor advised formula foods, burp cloths, nursing pillow, breast pump, etc

    • Baby bathing 

     soft towels, baby body wash, baby oil, lotion, baby sponge

    • Baby diaper/cloth nappies 

    cloth diapers, gentle wipes, diaper rash cream

    Newmi list of baby and post-pregnancy essentials

      Baby Hygiene 

      • Diapers - Newmi baby diapers are organic and made with comfortable cotton paddings. The prefold pack has 9 layers of organic cotton for absorption and that results in 3-4 hours of daytime and 5-6 hours at nighttime. If you are going for diapers, see to it that they last for more than a couple of hours, and have a waterproof layer to give your baby a completely dry atmosphere on the inside. With Newmi waterproof protection diapers, you just need not have second thoughts. The diapers ensure 360-degree protection against leaks and wetness. There are extensive varieties of cloth diapers and comfortable hook closures to adjust the fastening according to your baby’s comfort. 
      • Diaper changing mats – Newmi diaper changing mat is reusable, easy to wash, and can be carried anywhere effortlessly due to its compact folding. Go for eye-catchy prints and fine designs with extra soft fabric for babies to be at ease when changing their diapers. 
      • Diaper rash creams – Diapers sometimes cause rash and get hard on babies, making the skin around their bottom red and itchy. Newmi diaper rash creams are made with soothing powers of chamomile, olive, and sunflower seed oil and are completely safe to use on your baby. The creams promise to heal, soothe inflammation and repair the skin, making it soft and supple. The key factor is they do not leave any white cast on the skin after applying and are allergen-free.

      Baby bathing basics 

      • Baby massage oil – Massaging is part of the baby care routine which starts around 25 days after their arrival. Massaging with baby oil helps in strengthening their muscles and bones, and improves circulation which relieves them from gassiness in their stomach. Newmi baby care oil is a nourishing blend of powerful natural oils like olive, coconut, and almond. It is not sticky, gets absorbed very easily, and is easy to wash off.  As it is hypoallergenic, it is safe for newborns. 
      • Baby hair and body wash – Baby hair and body wash is a two-in-one goodness that is tear-free and extra gentle to your baby’s skin and hair. The oat oil ingredient in it gently cleanses baby skin and hair without making them dry. It keeps your baby’s skin moisturized for a long time after the bath. 
      • Baby powder – Choosing baby powder is a haunting process. Lately, some of the baby care brands are getting scrutinized and questioned for researchers have found unsafe ingredients in their baby powder segment. Newmi baby powder is mild for newborns and kids, for it helps in keeping their skin dry, cool, and comfortable. It absorbs extra moisture caused by sweating and reduces skin friction. 

      Baby sleep time essentials

      • Baby quilt – Your baby’s comfort and sleep quality plays a vital role in their early age development. Baby quilt by Newmi is designed keeping that in mind. It offers a snug and cozy insulation to your baby’s body. It comes with 100% cotton filling and its cute and fun prints give your baby a chance to wallow and be curious around it. 

      Baby Accessories  

      • Baby swaddles – Snuggle your baby into a cozy bundle of love. Baby swaddles from Newmi baby swaddles wrap and hug your baby in snugness and safety and are extremely gentle around your baby’s newborn skin. Swaddle up your baby and put them in a comfy infant lounger to cuddle up and relax. 
      • Baby bibs – A bib is a garment worn around your baby’s neck during feeding time to avoid spilling. Newmi baby bibs, a must-have for your baby, are rich in softness and can be used as a burp cloth or a stroller cover. The quality of the fabric gets softer after every wash. 

      Baby nutrition 

      Your baby’s nutrition matters as a well-balanced and healthy diet are key for their physical, mental, and cognitive development. Newmi infant and baby food promise nutrition in your baby’s plate with added focus on powering their immunity. Choose from a wide spread of organic sprouted ragi porridge mix, jaggery teething sticks, organic millet, and makhana porridge mix, or rice and moong khichdi mix and dry fruits and seeds powder, etc. All of the above are loaded with goodness, taste, and health.   Explore Newmi to shop for a lot more things like baby toys, baby baths, skin essentials, baby foods, post-partum kits for moms, hospital birth bag essentials, etc. 

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