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Effective Breastfeeding tips for new moms

  • By Newmi
  • •  May 11, 2022

Breastfeeding your baby is universally preached and followed since eons. It is one of the most beautiful moments in the journey of motherhood. To elevate it on a high pedestal and honour with due tribute, World Breastfeeding week is globally celebrated during the first week of August. When you are encountering motherhood for the first time, you will be inundated with lot of queries that encircles around breastfeeding. Let’s look at the advantages of breastfeeding and also deal with the common challenges with breastfeeding.  

In this article:

What is Breastfeeding?

    Direct feeding milk to your baby from your breast is known as Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your baby is regarded as the most nutritional health choice by healthcare experts. Breastmilk has antibodies that fight and protect your baby against various illnesses like ear infections, asthma, diabetes and other diseases. Along with antibodies, breastmilk also contains antioxidants and enzymes that are needed for your baby’s growth and development. Due to its significance in aiding development and reducing infant related infections, experts suggest new mothers to breastfeed their babies as much as possible. 

    Breastfeeding advantages for the baby

    Breastfeeding offers glorious benefits for your baby, giving your breastfeeding baby an edge for lifelong as compared to other formula feeding babies.  

    • It reduces the risk of infections, chronic illnesses and cardiovascular diseases 
    • It increases cognitive/brain development 
    • It protects against allergies and sudden infant death syndrome 
    • As it is rich lactose, protein and fat, it can be easily digested by your baby 
    • It promises higher IQ over formula fed baby 
    • It goes far beyond the medical system as it strengthens bonding between you and your baby using the sense of ‘touch’ 
    • It is completely bacteria free and safe for consumption  
    • It has amalgamation of balanced nutrition so considered as an ideal food for your baby 

    What is the best position for Breastfeeding?

    Though breastfeeding importance is known to new mothers, it is dire need to emphasize the best positions to breast feed the babies. First and foremost rule of any Breastfeeding position is that it needs to be comfortable for you and your baby.  

    The most recommended and followed breastfeeding positions which stimulate latching in your baby are: 

    Cradle position – 

    • Rest your baby’s head in your elbow 
    • See to it that your baby faces you and their face is in your eye level 
    • Using your other hand, hold steady your baby’s neck or back 

    Cross-cradle hold –  

    • Sit in a comfortable position
    • Hold your baby in your arm
    • Let the baby face your breast so that it will be easy to feed for you
    • Give support to your baby’s head with your arm
    • Hold your breast with another arm forming a U-shaped hold
    • Gently place your baby’s mouth to your breast 

    Side-lying position –  

    • Lie down and place your head over a comfortable pillow 
    • Move your baby closer using one hand  
    • With another hand, place your breast to your baby’s mouth 
    • Once the baby has latched, offer support your baby’s head and neck 
    • This posture is best when you have to feed in the night or if you are recovering from surgery post birth of your baby 

    Football position – 

    • If your baby is small, this position works best 
    • Your baby’s back should be in level with your arm  
    • Hold head and neck with your palm 
    • Nestle close to your baby and help the baby latch to your breast 

      Tips for new Breastfeeding Mothers

      A new mother needs complete support during breastfeeding. She needs to be informed about what breastfeeding journey entails and how she can prepare herself for it. Some of the top tips would be: 

      • Talk to a breastfeeding expert or a lactation consultant before the birth of your baby and get all your queries answered 
      • Enrol for a prenatal breastfeeding class or register for mother and baby care program to know breastfeeding techniques 
      • Make a clean breast of your medications that you are following as it could intervene breastfeeding. Your doctor will suggest measures to tackle that challenge. 
      • Chat with your friends and family who are often your first stop to clarify the doubts in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding 
      •  Shop for comfortable maternity nursing wear like nursing bras, feeding kaftans, maternity kurtis that will work both, pre and post pregnancy.

      Common Challenges with Breastfeeding

      • Chapped and dry nipples – While feeding, don’t use unnecessary soaps or body washes as it will make your nipples chapped and dry. Rinsing with water is enough.  
      • Anxiety over low milk supply – Keep yourself nourished with nutrient rich food to produce enough milk. Do not get anxious but ensure that you sleep as much as possible when your baby sleeps, to balance out the sleep deficiency. Your mind affects your breastfeeding so turn away the negative thoughts and invite positivity.  
      • Engorgement – Engorgement is when your breasts are loaded or full of milk. It clogs the blood vessels and loads fluid in your breasts. It causes pain in your breasts. Use ice packs or hot showers to alleviate pain in engorgement of your breasts.  
      • Nipples feeling sore – This is normal as most of the breastfeeding mothers feel soreness in the initial days. Use your one finger to separate the suction after feeding. Make sure that you use both the breasts as feeding through only one will build the milk ducts, making it more painful and uneasy. For severe issues, hold icebag to your sore nipples. 
      • Inverted nipples – For inverted nipples, take guidance from a lactation expert who will help you with the process and make sure that your baby latches to your nipples. 
      • Unsolicited opinions and advices – Though friends and family offer a great support, their lens are coloured with their own experiences. As every mother’s journey pre birth and post birth is unique, do not get swayed by their opinions and judgements. Seek a professional or a counsellor who will be your anchor and understand your perspective.  


      Breastfeeding is a precious moment for you and your baby. It is a nutritious offering to your baby that will sustain through their lifetime. There are many health benefits attached to breastfeeding but having said that, the decision to breastfeed solely rests on you. You need to be totally involved, physically and mentally, in the process to obtain best results.  Gather your support system who will stick by in any decision you make during pregnancy and after giving birth to your baby.  

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