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Period Problems: Signs, Symptoms & Expert Tips

Common Periods Problems are - 


PMS which is also called premenstrual syndrome happens before periods and is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, depression, loss of interest, stress, anxiety, mood swings and abdominal pain.

Abnormally Heavy Periods –

Here your period flow is heavy and runs beyond the usual span of time. For example, instead of 5-7 days which is the ideal length of period, it will extend for 7-8 days. The imbalance in hormones and possible causes include uterine fibroids, polyps or other SOL, bleeding disorders, and other illnesses that can cause this period problem.

Painful Periods –

Menstrual disorders like painful periods are very common in women’s period journey. But if the pain is severe, it could be because of endometriosis or other pelvic disease like fibroids in uterine or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Missing Periods –

Missing periods are when a woman does not get periods at all. To check the reason, you need to take a blood test, urine test, and USG pelvis.

Primary Amenorrhea –

It is when a period doesn’t take place in a girl’s life till the age of 15. This could be due to problems in the endocrine disorders like pituitary dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, genetic diseases, lifestyle diseases, and overweight which is delaying her puberty or period cycle.

Common Symptoms and Signs of Period Issues - 

The below-mentioned period symptoms are quite common in all women.

  1. Abdominal cramps or menstrual cramps
  2. Acne breakouts/Pimples
  3. Sore breasts and heaviness of breasts
  4. Tiredness and loss of appetite
  5. Bloating
  6. Mood swings and feeling low
  7. Backache and leg ache

Preventive Care Tips from Period Care Experts

Eat a balanced diet –

Include a lot of nutritious fruits and vegetables, anti-oxidants, an iron-rich diet, and healthy protein foods. Nutrient-rich food alleviates menstruation cycle disorders and other women’s period problems. Talk to a dietitian for a customised diet plan as per your body's needs.

Physical exercise and fitness –

Engage in regular exercise and yoga asanas or strength training exercises. Exercise releases feel-good hormones and reduces period-related problems. In fact, a 30-minute workout is recommended by health experts for disorders of the menstrual cycle. Consult with a fitness expert regarding period problems.

Reduce stress –

Manage your stress levels by engaging in a healthy ritual daily. Meditation, yoga for anxiety, and breathing techniques can help reduce stress levels and keep you motivated and positive in life.

Manage sleep –

Sleep is a very important factor in regulating your hormones. Lack of sleep can push you to depression and increase your anxiety levels. Sleep at a consistent time and maintain 8 hours of sleep daily to lower menstrual disorder symptoms.

Maintain a healthy body weight –

Maintain a healthy body weight by eating the right foods and staying away from unhealthy fats. Menstrual disorder hormones can be maintained by managing your body weight and reducing extra kilos.

Track your period cycle –

Track your period cycle using a period calculator so that you can monitor the menstrual irregularities and take corrective steps for the same and consult a gynaecologist when needed.

Maintain period care hygiene –

Prevent infections by taking care of your hygiene while you are on periods. Washing your vaginal area and frequent change of sanitary pads after every few hours will keep the bacteria from breeding and giving rise to menstrual issues.

Periodic visit to a Gynaecologist –

Speak to your gynecologist every few months to address your period-related problems early on. Also, you will learn more about your reproductive health which will help in future pregnancy planning and ovulation tracking.

You can get a consultation with an experienced Gynecologist online at just ₹ 49  through Newmi Care.

FAQs related to Period Problems-

1. What is menstrual dysfunction (periods problem)?

Menstrual dysfunction or periods-related problem is when you experience period problems and illnesses that affect your menstrual cycle and normal menstrual flow. It is closely related to hormonal imbalance and many other diseases.

2. What are 4 specific menstrual disorders? What diseases cause menstrual disorders? 

The 4 types of menstrual disorders are-

  1. Premenstrual Syndrome, 
  2. Primary Amenorrhea, 
  3. Missing periods, 
  4. Painful & Delayed periods.

The diseases such as PCOS, Fibroid Uterine, and Pelvic Inflammatory diseases can cause menstrual disorders

3. When should you be concerned about your period?

When you have missed your periods, or having unusually painful periods, or if your periods are extending beyond the ideal 7-day length then you should be concerned about your periods. Speak to a period care professional from Newmi Care to know more about blood tests and treatment of period problems.

4. What are the signs of a bad period?

A few signs of a bad period are clotting, prolonged periods, severe mood swings, irregular menstrual cycle, extreme cramping, and heavy periods. If you see any of these menstrual disorder symptoms then talk to a period health expert who can recommend the right menstrual disorder treatment.

At the outset

Healthy menstrual health supports women’s health in many ways and keeps the hormones in check. Take charge of your menstrual health by registering for a period care plan from Newmi. 

Newmi period care plan provides comprehensive premenstrual and menstrual care services plus emotional coaching sessions to women battling with menstrual disorders. 

With a highly trained expert crew on board, you get access to personalized period problem support. The benefits of Newmi Care's period problem plan:

  • It helps alleviate period pain
  • Balanced emotions and mood swings
  • Regulates the hormones and period cycle
  • Relieves stress and anxiety

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