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Pregnancy Care Plans

Pregnancy care is a holistic way of taking care of yourself during pregnancy.

With curated pregnancy care activities to support your growing baby and guarantee a healthy pregnancy, you need comprehensive pregnancy care plans.

Newmi pregnancy care plans provide pregnant women with tailor-made sessions on maternal nutrition, prenatal testing, childbirth education and personalised fitness training.

Join Newmi pregnancy care plans and get motherly support during your pregnancy.

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Frequently asked questions

Even though pregnancy during periods is unusual, it is still possible if ovulation happens early, sperm survives long enough, and the egg is fertilised.

The signs of early pregnancy might vary, common ones include missed periods, morning sickness, exhaustion, breast tenderness, and frequent urination. Additionally, some women may have mood swings, headaches, or food cravings or aversions. It's crucial to confirm pregnancy with a pregnancy test by seeing a gynecologist.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy is all the care you need. This includes eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise, such as prenatal yoga , and going to prenatal appointments .

Moreover, Lamaze lessons may help in labour preparation and pregnancy labour pain management by teaching breathing and relaxation techniques. Additionally, it's crucial to take enough rest and abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

  • Meditate
  • Practice Prenatal Yoga
  • Join Lamaze classes
  • Improve diet
  • Improve Knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth
  • Get enough sleep and manage your stress.
  • Avoid using substances like alcohol and tobacco
Some fun activities during pregnancy are-

A variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats are all important.

components of a pregnant diet.

You, however, don’t need to worry as our pregnancy care plans will provide you with a well-balanced diet.

As a part of pregnancy precautions, some pregnancy food to avoid are-
  • Meat, poultry, and seafood that are uncooked or raw
  • Runny or raw eggs
  • Unless cooked, processed meat
  • High-mercury fish
  • Dairy products without pasteurisation
  • Unwashed fruits and vegetables, raw sprouts, or those handled by ill people.

Garbh Sanskar simply means instilling good values and virtues in the unborn child. It focuses on the spiritual, emotional and intellectual development of the baby.

Hence, you can do it at home after researching a bit and understanding what you want to instill. However, it is always best to join garbh sanskar classes or a garbh sanskar course and give your baby the best.

You can start Garbh Sanskar as soon as possible during the pregnancy or even soon after the time of conception is best.

  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • High fever or signs of infection
  • Severe or persistent nausea or vomiting
  • Significant weight gain or loss
  • Severe or persistent abdominal pain or cramping
  • Severe or persistent headache or blurred vision
  • Rapid or persistent swelling of the face, hands, or feet
  • Decreased foetal movement or no movement for more than 12 hours
  • Signs of preterm labour

If you are seeing any of the above mentioned symptoms, then you have to consult a gynecologist as soon as possible.

It is best to consult a gynaecologist or OB-GYN for pregnancy care. Make sure your doctor is available and easily accessible as you might need to contact them urgently.

You can always consult expert gynaecologists our website and get consultations scheduled in just a few clicks.

A Lamaze class is a type of childbirth education that emphasises pain relief, breathing exercises, and other natural delivery methods.

It strives to provide women and their partners the power to make educated decisions about the delivery process.

You can join online lamaze classes through Newmi Care, as Newmi has an expert team who will train you for labour pain, breathing and so on as per your schedule.

Yes, it is completely safe and rather it is recommended by doctors to get massages while pregnant. However, you must ensure that you have hired an expert for pregnancy massage.

Garbh Sanskar simply means instilling good values and virtues in the unborn child. It focuses on the spiritual, emotional and intellectual development of the babyYes, a pregnant woman must see a nutritionist as providing essential nutrients to the unborn is the primary step towards having a healthy pregnancy and baby. So plan your diet with a nutritionist for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Pregnancy Care Plans

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases of a woman’s life and for first-time mothers, it can be a bit scary too. ...

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases of a woman’s life and for first-time mothers, it can be a bit scary too. Having no idea about the activities during pregnancy, most women find themselves confused and clueless after a positive pregnancy test.

But not anymore as Newmi Care has specially curated pregnancy care plans for all the beautiful mothers out there. From diet and fitness to prenatal massages and Garbh Sanskar, our plans will take care of everything you can ask for during pregnancy

So, get ready to have a normal delivery and healthy pregnancy with Newmi’s pregnancy care plans.

How do Our pregnancy care plans benefit you?

The goal of our pregnancy and maternity care plans is to meet each and every need of pregnant women. Hence, the benefits a too many, but still we have listed down the most crucial ones for you.

  • Better maternal health
  • Improved chances of normal delivery
  • Balanced diet for a healthy pregnancy
  • Early detection and treatment of potential problem
  • Increased knowledge about pregnancy hence increased confidence
  • Access to constant help and support
  • Access to community chatroom

Services Included in Our Pregnancy Care Plans

Right from mental health, diet and nutrition to expert gynaecologist consultation and childbirth classes, we offer everything. The following list of services will give you a better idea about our care plans

  • Exercises and Yoga (prenatal yoga class)
  • Diet and nutrition planning
  • Garbh Sanskar
  • Childbirth or Lamaze classes
  • Therapy for treating anxiety and depression
  • Prenatal massages
  • Prenatal dance movement therapy
  • Music and meditation therapy
  • Gynaecologist consultation
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